December 10, 2008

Notebook vs Netbook

Recently producers of laptop made a kind of it that's name Netbook. Yeah, in this chance I am going to try explaining about differences Notebook(laptop) and Netbook(small laptop). So guys, check it out:

1. Smaller than notebook
2. Light weight
3. Low cost
4. Energy efficient
5. Primarily used for browsing, email or instant messaging.
6. For other application, suitable for Office


1. Bigger than netbook, until 17''
2. Heavy weight
3. Costly
4. Primarily used for many things to do, designing, netting, gaming (but don't play until 2 hours/day)

Example from netbook such as Acer Aspire One, ASUS Eee PC 900, ASUS Eee PC 700, HP 2133 Mini-Note PC. For Indonesian people you can get it from 4-5 million rupiahs, it depend on from USD.

For notebook, I think all of you have known about this.

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