August 30, 2008

Microsoft Office 2007 Classic Menu

I think, there are so many people that don't know about menu and tools at Microsoft Office 2007. For that I have the solution. We can install ClassicMenu.

What's this? It's a software that support Ms. Office 2007 in order can show menu as same as Microsoft Office 2003. I think it's very useful for newbie. You can find this software in here. Just try and install. It's easy, isn't it?

But if you always use this menu, I think you will not get the challenging.


August 27, 2008

Windows Shortcut

These are some shortcut that's often used at working in windows.

[Windows] + [L] Lock Computer
[Windows] + [U] to show Utility Manager
[Windows] + [R] to show Run
[Windows] + [F] to show Search
[Windows] + [E] to open My Computer
[Windows] + [D] turn off or active Toggle Desktop
[Windows] + [M] to Minimize all of window
[Windows] + [Shift] + [M] Restore minimize windows
[Windows] + [Ctrl] + [F] to find computer on network
[Windows] + [F1] to show Help page
[Windows] + [Break] to show window System Properties
[Windows] + [Tab] to scroll the button at Taskbar

If you use old keyboard that's unavailable windows keys, use the combination from Ctrl + Esc.


August 26, 2008

Browse More Fastly in Mozilla FireFox with FireTune

Firetune is one of Mozilla Tools to make our browsing be faster and constant. Absolutely many people have admitted that this tools is very useful.

Firetune will optimize some internal item from firefox to be better, fast, and constant in browsing. Actually we also can optimize Firefox manually, but it was so difficult.

With Firetune we really can optimize Mozilla FireFox. You just operate this software and there is the items, only once click your browser would be tuned up in order be faster. Firetune version 1.2 can support Mozilla Firefox now.

In order you can feel this software, you can download this software here


August 23, 2008

Tune Up Utilities 2008

TuneUp Utilities is one of software that very useful for our computer. We can do many activities to make our computer better.
One of part from TuneUp is One Click Maintenance. Yeah, we just click once, and then this software will tune your computer up, even the registry or defragmentation.

Other advantage of tune up's we can change our icon using tab Customize Windows and then Tune Up Styler ....ehm, your computer's icon would be colorful. For more information you can visit here


August 22, 2008

Speed Up Computer at Start Up&Windows Explorer

I think the best way in order your computer faster in start up are
1. Don't save unimportant data on desktop
2. Don't use high resolution wallpaper
3. Uncheck unused application at msconifg startup(click run and type msconfig)
We also often feel bored when windows are opened, it's lagging to view the icon, and we always see the icon process.
I have a solution to avoid this problem;
At Windows Explorer, enter to folder options from tools. Click view and uncheck Automatically Search For Network Folders and Printers.


August 5, 2008

Update Plurk and Friends Using (with Yahoo Messenger)

Recently, there are so many website that spoil us to update our activity, its name microblogging. Maybe I can mention some, such as Plurk, Twitter, Jaiku, etc. We can update them by using in one time. At this time I will give u tutorial to update using Instant Messenger, yahoo messenger. As you know can be updated by using sms, but my friend, Alamster has written the way at this blog.

1. Absolutely, you have registered at (i will not explain it, you can see at Alamster's Blog)

2. Set up your plurk and your twitter at Ping.

3. Go to Service/Tools, choose Yahoo Messenger. Click it, directly you will get your verification code like the sample below

4. Add your Yahoo Messenger, add bot of Its user is pingdotfm.
5. After this send your verification code to pingdotfm.

6. So you can update your microblogging with Y!M, just chat with pingdotfm

As you know if we use it, it will make us be economic, especially if you use provider like Starone, IM3, AXIS. Happy Narcism!!