October 21, 2008

How to Download Video in Youtube

My friends often ask me how to download video in, ehm at the first time I answered "It can't". So, I tried to ask my other friend, her name Triana, She told me that you can do it in But my instructure told me that you can download with a software, unfortunately I forgot the name from the software so. I only tell you from

You should open and then you search video that you want. After that you copy the video's link.

Open in other tab of your browser. Paste the link into box. Click download in order you can save it into FLV or MP4 format.

Look the picture below to make clear all instruction.

I am sure if your connection is good, you can get the video full. Ok guys, wait my other tutorial. Keep spirit!!!


October 15, 2008

Read More Script at Blogger

Make the boundaries in our writing is very useful, usually in long writing. To make it (read more) follow these step below:

1. Edit your template, enter to layout and edit the HTML. Don't forget to click []Expand Widgets Templates.

2.Look for these code:
[div class='post-body entry-content']
- - - - place for new code
- - - - place for new code
[div style='clear: both;'/] [!-- clear for photos floats --]
If you only find post-body, add entry-content beside that

3. Input these code

[div class='post-body entry-content']

[b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"']

a expr:href='data:post.url'>Baca Selengkapnya...[/a]

[div style='clear: both;'/] [!-- clear for photos floats --]

4. Click save
5. When you write or make new posting, you have to in edit html mode, and type
-- shown paragraph
[span class="fullpost"]
-- hidden paragraph
P.S.: In this tutorial, I used '[]' but in your edit html you have to change be '<>.
I get this tutorial from my friends Agus Rais