September 23, 2008

New Feature of Windows 7

Now, the next generation of Windows™ is still developed by Microsoft. There are several menu or item that we'll meet:

  • Calculator will be better than before.
  • Ribbon feature from Office 2007 would be adopted at WordPad and Ms. Paint
  • Access control will not disturb
  • My Documents that in Vista is Documents will be Libraries
  • Control Panel will have System Tray Control
  • Media Player will perform easily and not heavy to play video
  • Internet Explorer 8 will be included.
Be patient guys, you can enjoy this operating system about one or two years again.

Courtesy: CrunchGear


September 15, 2008

Tips Using and Take Care of LCD Monitor

These are several tips to use and take care of LCD monitor:
  • Look the temperature and humidifing of weather. The best temperature is at between 66-77 Celsius. Use air conditioner or fan in your room.
  • Your room have to be clean. LCD was very sensitive with dust.
  • When you clean the monitor, make sure that you have turned off from electricity. Don't use cleaning oil directly.
  • Be careful when you move LCD to other places. Remember, LCD was made from glass.
  • Don't try to open the LCD, if you don't understand about it. Give it to specialist one.
  • Keep away from other electric thing, like hand phone etc.
Good luck!!


September 10, 2008

How to Build Self Confidence

In our life we must have self confidence, not depend on other people. Please follow this advise below:
  • Realize that our future is decided by ourselves
  • Have smart aim.
  • Have winner's feeling
  • Never stop to study
  • Working without compulsion
If you do that, I am sure that you will fine your best future


September 8, 2008

Google Chrome, Other Browser for You

Recently Google have launched their new browser for us. Its name's CHROME. This browser is so unique and not heavy. I like the theme so simple and the color is blue.

In this browser you can use with a few languages, and the default is Malay. If you are interested with this browser just click this but until now it's still in Beta Version.


September 6, 2008

10 Secrets of Japanese's Success

  1. Hardworking; It has not been public secret that Japanese...\
  2. Shy; Harakiri is the way if they do a mistake that will make their family will be shy.
  3. Economical life; They do what should do
  4. Loyality; They loyal with their commitment.
  5. Innovation; As we know, They are not finder, but with their skill they develop what they have.
  6. Not to yield an inch; They will never stop until they can
  7. Reading Custom; Smart people absolutely close with book
  8. Teamwork.
  9. Independent; We don't depend our selves on other people
  10. Keep the custom; Each people or nation have own custom. Keep it, but with note it's right and can make some advantages.


September 3, 2008

Healthy Fasting

Ramadhan is the best month for moslem. There are so many activities that can't meet in another month. Actually at this month, as a moslem we have to be fasting. But we have to keep our health.
Please follow the tips below:
  1. Don't get early breakfast too fast.
  2. You should eat 1 hour before Subuh.
  3. Drink pure water/mineral, about 3 glasses when early breakfast
  4. Don't speak and sleep too much. Speak and sleep too much will make you be thirsty.
  5. Eat healthy food when you break your fasting. At the first time you have eat sweet food.
  6. Don't drink cool wate/ice first when you break your fasting. It will make your body system be bad. Drink warm water.
  7. Don't forget to do Tarawih prayer. I think, it likes sport.
So guys, have a nice fasting oke!!!