August 27, 2008

Windows Shortcut

These are some shortcut that's often used at working in windows.

[Windows] + [L] Lock Computer
[Windows] + [U] to show Utility Manager
[Windows] + [R] to show Run
[Windows] + [F] to show Search
[Windows] + [E] to open My Computer
[Windows] + [D] turn off or active Toggle Desktop
[Windows] + [M] to Minimize all of window
[Windows] + [Shift] + [M] Restore minimize windows
[Windows] + [Ctrl] + [F] to find computer on network
[Windows] + [F1] to show Help page
[Windows] + [Break] to show window System Properties
[Windows] + [Tab] to scroll the button at Taskbar

If you use old keyboard that's unavailable windows keys, use the combination from Ctrl + Esc.

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