November 8, 2008

How to Take Care of Flash Disk

Flash disk, absolutely it's one of storage thing that very useful for us. Simple and then can save file up to 16 gigabyte. But this thing is so easy to be broken. So in this chance, I'm going to tell you, how to take care of flash disk. I have this article from detikhot. So guys, check it out.

  1. Keep distance from things that consist with magnet. TV, radio, and other things like that have magnet, so keep distance from them.
  2. Don't be infected with water.
  3. If your flash disk was infected by water, don't use your flash disk directly. Dry first.
  4. Always scan your flash disk after you have data transition.
  5. Keep distance from hot place
  6. Avoid from collision.
  7. Absolutely flash disk have casing, keep this casing in order not lost.
  8. Don't often read and delete in your flash disk. Flash disk only has 10.000-100.000 times read and write process.

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