July 22, 2008

Make A Curriculum Vitae

If we want apply to a company absolutely we have to make curriculum Vitae as known as CV. You can follow this way to make good CV.

  1. Set the margin of your typing; left: 4 cm, up: 4 cm, right:3 cm, and down: 3 cm.
  2. Type your name and other your identity. Make sure you type your school until your last education, example:
- Graduated from vocational school 2006
- Graduated from junior high school 2003
- Graduated from elementary school 2000

3. Don't forget to type your achievement or certificate that support your job.

By the way, I write this article because, a few days ago, my friend asked my how make CV(he had a homework abut this).

Ok, good luck!!

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